JavaScript (Bookmarklet) Icon GDocs Bookmarklet

This is a GitLab-page for our Bookmarklet for google docs, which allows to tone down styles in shared google docs with (many) suggestions and offers (a hacky way) of displaying tabs and line-breaks as well as toggling comments (all, or by author).
Developed in the Evoldynamics Group.

"Install" the bookmarklet by dragging it to your bookmarks bar

Run the code of the bookmarklet by clicking on it in your bookmarks (bar), while having the web site open where you want to apply it.

gdocs styles ← Use this bookmarklet to change the styles/appearance of suggestions and comments on google docs.

  • Drag & Drop the bookmarklet onto your bookmarks.
  • Switch to your Google-Docs tab and click the gdocs styles bookmarklet.
  • It will add three new icons:
    • Toggle comments by authors
    • Toggle newlines and tabs
    • User or Google Styling
  • It will automatically apply the toned down "user" styles. You can switch back and forth.
  • Using the "user" styles: Hovering over deleted text will enhance legibility of that line.
  • Comments can be toggled for all or by author. Number of comments is shown on the right.

See it in action below: